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lone star kids

Title: Jesus Loves the Little Children

Subtitle: Helping Parents Build a Strong Foundation of Faith


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Welcome to Lone Star Kids Ministry!


It’s no secret that we love sharing Jesus with every child that comes through our doors, but we are only a small part of your child’s spiritual development. At Lone Star, we believe parents are the primary and most important influence on their children’s walk with Christ. That’s why we partner with you to build a strong foundation in their faith that they will carry with them for the rest of their life! 


By emphasizing Bible teaching, we give your children an understanding of God’s character and His love for them, which leads to their acceptance of His son Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 


Come and see us on Sunday morning and Monday night! 


Each Sunday and Monday night we provide safe and loving care for children from birth to one-year-old, and engaging classrooms, age-appropriate teaching, and worship for children ages 2 years old thru 5th grade.



Nursery: Birth - 2 Years Old

Our team shows God’s love with their care of your baby. Safety and cleanliness are essential to us: our staff and volunteers have been trained specifically for their roles in the Nursery and strict guidelines are in place for the sterilization of equipment and toys.

Classrooms for these areas are equipped to handle the needs of those who wear diapers and pull-ups. Please label your child’s diaper bags and bottles and include a change of clothes. Toddlers and two year olds are given short bible story lessons, age-appropriate

worship, and playtime.

Early Childhood:

Children ages 3-5 years old learn about Jesus through simple teaching puppet skits. Praise & worship includes hand motions, and there is time for crafts and play afterward. We do not offer snacks or food. Each classroom is equipped for children that have completed potty training with a bathroom in each room. (Click here for MDO INFO)

Elementary (1st - 5th grade):

These students join together in large group sessions for worship, interactive prayer, and games and then separate into 1st - 3rd grade and 4th - 5th-grade classes for their lessons. At this age, our focus is to help your child take the message for that week and relate it to their world. 


The Zone 

The Zone is a fun-filled space we use prior to and after service is over. Kids can engage in games, or crafts while waiting for mom and dad to pick them up.

Bible Bucks Store:
Your child may earn bible bucks with attendance, the use of their bibles, and positive behaviors in class. We offer time to shop at the bible buck store before and after class time!


Comfort Zone:

Comfort Zone is available and offered at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays and is specifically for those children with social, physical, or developmental challenges. They may need a partner in their age-appropriate class or a class of their own in which to grow in their awareness of God and what he has for them. If you are interested in learning more please use this link to reach out to us. (Comfort Zone sign-up form link here.)



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[Wellness guidelines - button? ]


To ensure the health and safety of our children and volunteers we ask that sick

children do not attend class The Committee on controlling infectious diseases of

the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child should not leave

home when any of the following symptoms are present:

Fever at or above 100 degrees in the past 24 hours

Vomiting or Diarrhea within the last 24 hours

Common cold symptoms include a runny nose with yellow or green

discharge, sore throat, or cough

Any signs of contagious diseases such as Scarlet fever, Measles, Mumps,

Chickenpox or Whooping cough

Any unexplained rash or skin infection- boils, ringworm, impetigo


Untreated pink eye

Lice-including the presence of eggs or nits


Sign Ups: 

Royal Rangers,

Kids Baptism class

Baby Dedication and pictures!


Our friendly check-in team will welcome you, and your young ones, and provide you

with a computer-generated name tag for each child, and a pick-up tag for once classes

are over. We’ll ask you to complete an info card for your family prior to checking your children in. You can save time at check-in by filling the card out online with this link.

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