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lone star men

  • Who does your ministry serve/teach/disciple? 


Men’s ministry is made up of men who include brand new believers, long-time Christians, men who have wandered and want to return, and every point in between.  We have all ages and they help disciple each other through the different stages and phases of life.


The Lone Star Men help deliver the Word of God through fellowship and the outdoor lifestyle. The ministry allows the spread of the Gospel by providing a community for men of all ages with similar interests, skills, and appreciation for God's wonderful creation.


  • What is your ministry’s definition of biblical manhood, and how does this differ from the world’s definition of what it means to be a man? 


We define biblical manhood as being the Spiritual leader of the home, while one of the worldly definitions is being the financial leader. We teach it is important to understand this order:  God, Family, us, then work.  Too many times we get things out of order; work becomes the most important thing and God gets pushed to the lower end of the list. We set aside what should be most important and our family is compromised or suffers because of it.  We teach that God must always be first, and we must make it a priority to come to church and bring our wives and families.

  • What would it be if you could sum up the Men’s ministry in just one bible verse? 


Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


  • How would you answer a man who expresses doubt, questions, or has anger at God? 


I would sit down to talk with them and first try to understand what has happened to cause them to have these feelings of anger or doubt? Bad things happen to good people and we can't answer the question of why, but we can turn to God for answers and help. Satan’s ultimate goal is to get us to turn away from God and he will use any means necessary to do this. 


  • Where do men who have never been here before need to start? 


The most important first step is to show up. Get connected with the men through the bible study and we can help you find a way to get plugged in. We all have different experiences and you can find someone who can identify with whatever you are going through and help you in your walk.


  • What can men expect when they get connected to the men’s ministry? 


There is somebody there who has been in the same boat, can help us walk the right path and guide us through a more Spiritual life and become that man God has called us to be. We have to have that fellowship to help sharpen each other. the fellowship comes in different forms, something for everyone. For example, we do a lot of outdoor ministry (fishing and shooting clays), and we love to cook and eat, and we have opportunities for anyone.

  • Where are some areas that men can show their talents, skills, and use their gifts to honor God? 


We have events throughout the year where each man can develop and use your individual skills and talents, be it cooking, shooting, woodworking, leadership and teaching, mechanical, or anything else. All these things help each other grow by sharing these gifts.


  • Who is Jesus to you and your team in the men’s department? 


Our Lord, Father, Healer, Protector & Guider


  • Give an example of a time that you saw a Jesus moment in your ministry.


I’ve watched men come who had no relationship with Jesus develop into some of the strongest leaders we have today.  One of our young men didn’t want to go to Man Camp, his wife “made him go”. He showed up with no job and no prospects, but the brotherhood of men that surrounded him helped him find his spiritual connection. He came to camp lost and under protest but found acceptance, forgiveness, and purpose. He even found a job and began working after camp.  The best part of it all was his baptism and the change in him at home as he became the spiritual leader God meant for him to be!




Joe Zwall 

put something here about yourself

I am an outgoing person who loves people.  Fellowship with others is important to me. I am a man who Loved to hunt,fish, and  cook. I love to work with my hands and tools. I feel it is important to be the spiritual leader of my home. 

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